Our Mission for other Veterans

Who We Are


Chad SeBour, shown here with James Mattis,  Former United States Secretary of Defense   at a local Veterans Event. 

Chad is the founding president of the VHO,  a 501 C-3  non profit charitable organization established in 2016.

 Our  specific MISSION is to help our service members by way of education, advocacy and monetary gift funds for housing.

 "Thank you for your Service Gifts"

We are volunteers in this mission. 

Working with real estate professionals around our Nation to bring accountability, support and financial help to our Veterans and Active Duty Military.

We will:  Protect & Serve those who have  Protected & Served US !

What We Do


Buy a home: Receive a Cash Thank You Gift 

Sell a Home: Receive a Cash Thank You Gift 

Our Educational Seminars Include:

Financial Credit Repair

Shopping for a Home Mortgage

VA Housing Benefits

Down Payment Assistance

Identifying Scams

And so much More !

Veterans face Unique Challenges:

Some are Homeless, many have trouble with obtaining a Home Rental.


Advocacy is Key:

Supporting Individuals with Information 

Making Calls on their behalf

Speaking at conferences to advance the cause of caring for our Veteran population

Bridging the Gap 

And Loving It !

Why We Do It !


Why Me?

Why Anyone ?

Our Military Veterans and Service Members deserve our respect and Support.

The Veterans Housing Organization protects Veterans in the real estate   market. We pair them with realtors    anywhere in the country and we are   capable of donating an average of $1,500 to any veteran that uses our  services. 

More importantly, the VHO protects Veterans from unethical lending practices. We do not partner with realtors or lenders. This gives us the opportunity to shop for the best  options and provide Veterans/ Active Military access to state grants. 

The average $1,500 gift to this nations heroes is great, but what really excites us is when we save a Veteran $80,000 over a 30 year loan. Or when we negotiate closing cost help or have fees waived. Whether buying or selling real estate the VHO stands beside our Veterans through the entire process.

How can you Help ?